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Hollywood History X: The Intro

With every movie I see comes the discovery of scores more I have yet to see.  Today’s films—even those that aren’t a sequel, prequel, adaptation, remake, or reboot—often pay homage to the classics, to the well-known films, genres, and filmmakers that have defined our pop culture.  I have the misfortune of beign born after most of these must-see movies.  Four years of being a Film Studies major only took me down very specific, relatively obscure film paths: Italian Neorealisim, French Impressionism, Japanese New Wave.  Rarely did it expose me to the blockbusters that shaped modern movies.  Sure, I can see how Tim Burton mirrors the style of German Expressionism films like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, but references to Bond villains whoosh over my head.

I figured I now have the time and resources to educate myself in the crucial movies that college didn’t.  I will choose a genre, filmmaker, or franchise that play a role in today’s film world (i.e. that get referenced a lot).  I will watch the essential films within each category, including any modern adaptation, by release year.  I will do a write-up after finishing each category, giving my thoughts and mini-reviews for each film.  I will call this project Hollywood History X.

The Categories:

  • Zombie films (the Romero series, the Living Dead series, and the modern classics)
  • Alien/Predator franchise
  • Westerns (less John Wayne, more Sergio Leone)
  • Golden Age of Hollywood (
  • Samurai films (mostly, if not only, Kurosawa)
  • Bond films (yes, all of them)
  • 1950s Sci-fi (a la Metropolis, The Day the Earth Stood Still, etc.)
  • Woody Allen films
  • Mel Brooks films
  • Steven Spielberg films
  • Others I haven’t thought of yet.  I await your suggestions.

*I have already compiled the films within the “Zombie category”—and there is no debate over the arrangement of the Alien/Predator franchise nor the Bond films—but I will need help deciding which films to watch in the other categories.




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