Young Man On The Road #1: The New Blog Rises

This post marks the beginning of a new adventure, the first entry of a new series (Young Man On The Road–here on out to be referred to as YMOTR), and the revival of my dear old blog. Yeah, sorry, it’s been a good while; hope you were all able to get on without me.

With this new series comes a new style: microblogging. Shorter entries for your shortening attention spans. No offense, I have one, too. In actuality, the reason for the short style is two-fold: long entries were too daunting to follow-up, and I just got a WordPress app for my smartphone! Yeah, that’s right, I’m using a CELLULAR TELEPHONE to write into this Internet thing. . . from the airport!

And y’all know why I’m in the airport; I’m flying back to Cali to embark on a three-month road trip with my buddy Ian. Exciting? Definitely. Frightening? A bit, but I got past my first two probable hurdles: 1) I was worried my luggage would exceed the fifty-pound limit. It was forty-nine. 2) I was worried my ukulele was too big to carry on. It wasn’t. The ease with which I cleared these obstacles bodes well for my trip.

I hope.

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