Young Man Went West #34–BONUS POST: A Valentine’s Day Poem

Jenn and I returned from the Big Island on the 12th (my birthday), skipped doing anything on the 14th, and celebrated Valentine’s Day on the 16th. Here is the poem I wrote in her card (which, by the way, took me exactly one hour to write):

Though alone on the path
With the sun sinking low
Onward we marched
To the rumored red glow.

The daylight was dimming
And my camera was dead
But stubbornly I made us
Keep moving ahead.

The sun had gone down
My flashlight, not bright
My phone, it was dying
So I did what was right.

By the light of the moon
I turned us around
No lava for me
But I did not frown.

What mattered the most
To me in that minute
Was getting back to that car
And putting you safely in it.

We backtracked and stumbled
From marker to marker
Our one light was swallowed
It couldn’t get darker.

I could tell you were scared
But you wouldn’t show it
Your bravery got us back
And I want you to know it.

Because I had you
Steadfast at my side
There was no doubt we’d make it
Back to our ride.

If I can hike blindly
I can move to the City
I can do anything
Just as long as you’re with me.

I love you.



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One response to “Young Man Went West #34–BONUS POST: A Valentine’s Day Poem

  1. anonymous

    Sweet poem. Any girl that doesn’t make a fuss about postponing Valentine’s Day is a keeper, in my book. Keep up the good work, man!

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