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Anthony Ramil

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  1. just kidding about the website. I love your writings. I haven’t got through them all, and I may or may not indulge you by reading them all, but you’re pretty good, home slice. I liked your interview with the band, too. I hope this pans out for you, man. Praise be to God that you have enjoyed so much of your early twenties! miss you

  2. Donna Joldersma

    HI there… Gloria Omania posted your blog and what a fun trip you are doing! Wonderful!!! Lou was my son’s football coach, so that is our connection. We have a room here in Lubbock for y’all if you need it!
    Be sure to go to the Ft. Worth Stockyard area when in Dallas for some real Texas fun. There is a cattle drive down the street every day… and of course Billie Bob’s Restaurant and Bar… I am sure you will enjoy the River Walk in San Antonio and the Alamo. Then in Lubbock you have to get your picture taken with the Buddy Holly glasses, see Texas Tech and hit the Depot District! And I am sure we can cook you up some bbq unless you will be bbqed out by then.
    I am almost positive we will be back by then, My grandson that lives with us graduates from AIT at Ft. Benning, GA on the 19th…. I will message my cell/house numbers to Gloria to give to you. I will look for you on FB as well.

  3. Hello Anthony. It was great meeting you at HOM last night. I wish you had more time to explore the great city of Charleston. Settling in Charleston has been an exciting and unique experience for me and I would have loved to share its culture and history, so don’t be a stranger. I wish you both the best of luck on your “walkabout” and look forward to following your fine writing; though, on your next lap, don’t be so quick to disregard the great state of Iowa. Safe travels, G.P.

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