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Young Man Went East #8: Resurrection

Amanda! This is such a great film that really shows what a sweet panosrelity you have! I love it! Also, did I spot a Loktah album in there? Awesome! Can’t wait to work with you again this year.

 – A comment on YMWW #35: Playing House received  sixteen months after its posting.

By the time I got the twenty-first notification for a spam post comment that had nothing to do with my writing–and even less to do with me–I knew it was time to take back my blog. Though my New Year’s resolution to write once a month (ha!) is marked with failure, very little else in my life is.

Here’s what you’ve been missing.

When we last saw my love Jenn, she was working for a patent translations company in Midtown Manhattan. She very quickly had to switch gears, but found herself in LIC, Queens, working as an office assistant at VOICE Charter School. This was right up her alley, as she now plans to pursue a career in education policy. That’s right, we’re double-teaming the education system! Jenn loved out-smarting the teachers, hanging out with fifth-graders, and functioning as a classroom spy.

But this job, too, came to an end. Not because they had no need for her–on the contrary, they loved her and never wanted her to leave–but rather because she had a calling from a higher power: the City of New York itself! Like a phoenix rising out of the fire, one of the random job applications she dispersed all over the Internet came back in the form of a job offer from the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. My lovely little Bunny is now a Policy Analyst for all the Manhattan borough parks, prepping her for the “policy” component of her “education policy” dream. Even better than the location of her new office, which is just two blocks north of Columbus Circle near the southwest entrance of Central Park, is the fact that her job comes with a salary. SA-LA-RY! To a young, transplanted couple, acquiring that is tantamount to winning the lottery.

That extra cash could not have come at a better time, now that I am only working weekends at Bubba Gump. I have no time for serving shrimp to foreigners during the week because it will conflict with my CLASS SCHEDULE. Undeterred by my rejection from NYC Teaching Fellows, I applied and was subsequently accepted to Teachers College at Columbia University–a step up I’d say. Starting this Fall, I will be working toward a Master’s degree in Social Studies Education and an Initial Teaching Certificate. I will observe/lead middle and high school classes during the day, and take college courses during the afternoon. I hope to become a high school history teacher (because adults don’t listen when I tell them cool facts about the past). Thankfully, this program is only a year long, meaning it will only cost an arm or a leg, but not both.

So here are: a salaried government worker and a forever-indebted grad student. Wish us luck.

. . . finally.

Hey look! They’re becoming adults!



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Young Man Went West #32: And Then I Met Jenn

I had veered off my post-college life plan. What happened to that goal of moving to different cities purposefully without purpose? Teaching English in a foreign country is, by no means, a cop-out from an adventurous life; quite the opposite. That plan, however, was in lieu of another plan about which I was more passionate, yet had postponed because there existed no factor–apart from sheer desire–leading me there. In last week’s post, I had written, “If I have nothing leading me to New York, maybe I should let this idea [of teaching abroad] lead me to another country.”

Well, now I don’t have nothing.

I met Jenn shortly after coming back from my road trip. Despite having just been rehired at Bubba’s, and therefore being damn near broke, I took her out to a somewhat pricey wine and tapas restaurant. Fiscally, the date was a bad decision, but in the grand scheme of my life, it has been one of my best so far. The specifics of that first date will be doled out in gloriously embarrassing detail in next week’s post; what’s important right now was my discovery of two, eerie similarities between Jenn and me: 1) she not only had plans to teach English in Korea, but had already sent in her application; and 2) while waiting to hear back about Korea, she was looking into grad schools in New York. The grad school part was less of a reason and more of an excuse; she has been obsessed with the City for years.

When our relationship started, Jenn agreed to help me complete my teaching abroad application. However, the closer the two of us got, the less interesting Korea seemed. If some real, life-affirming experience was developing here, what was I trying to obtain out there? Teaching abroad was just a means to an end, something to do so I wouldn’t do nothing.

Well, now I don’t do nothing.

As I started having feelings for Jenn, my imaginative mind began crafting another plan: move to New York with Jenn. I wasn’t abandoning my new desired path. Instead, I was realigning with my actual desired path, this time with a reason in tow. I waited until I knew Jenn had similar feelings for me before springing upon her this idea. How quickly would I have scared her off if she didn’t?!

We’ve set the end of September as our target date for the big move. In the meantime, Jenn is helping me learn all about the camera I just bought. I am looking into grad school for Photojournalism in New York City.

Change #5: Apply to teach English in Korea, stay in Honolulu until I’m accepted, buy and learn to use a good camera in the meantime, use the teaching money to pay for grad school for photojournalism after I return –> Learn to use my camera well before moving to New York with my girlfriend, where I’ll apply to grad school for photojournalism

By the way, I never got around to applying for Korea.

My photography teacher has, by default, become my main photography subject. I was fiddling with exposure settings while she battled the wind for control of her hair.


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