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Young Man Went West #36: Not If, But When

Relocating to my new apartment was a lot quicker than I thought it would be. I packed only a few bags last Wednesday night and–by Thursday afternoon–was completely moved into my new place. I had prepared for a slow, week-long process, but my girlfriend, two cousins, and a close friend each helped me pack everything into three separate cars and haul it over. I managed to vacuum my former room and relinquish my old key before sundown.

If you can describe a person by the company they keep, I must be freaking awesome. Finding people to help you move is stereotypically a difficult task, so I felt quite fortunate to have four people each show up with a car to help me that day. Thank you, Jenn, Ellis, Brad, and Mick. You all make me look good.

Though I still have random bags and boxes strewn about my new empty living room, I’m more or less settled in. My DVD collection is already shelved and alphabetized on a shelf next to my TV. Priorities, right? I was supposed to share the place with three other people, but now it’s only two–a brother and sister–and they’re both pretty cool. I’ve already had more conversations with them than I did in total with my last roommate. It helps that one of them is my coworker; we always have something to talk about. I am more than confident that this living situation will last until June, when our lease ends and they both move back to Florida.

In about four months, I will have to move again. That got me thinking, why not make that move our big move to New York?

Jenn came to that same query on her own. One day, while discussing my new place, she asked, “Why did you choose September as the month we’d move to New York?” Possibly an unrelated question, but I knew we were on the same page. The main reason I chose September was because I moved to Hawaii on September 16, 2009, and I wanted to make three full years. That’s it. I like round numbers.

The more I thought about moving sooner, the more it made sense. So, as follows, here is a list of the PROS and CONS of leaving for New York in June, rather than September (don’t judge, you know you love lists!):

PRO I wouldn’t have to find some place to live for three months in Hawaii. Since my lease is up at the end of June, I would have to either find a place to rent month-to-month (difficult) or crash at somebody’s place (completely inconvenient).

CON I’d have less time to save up for the move. I saved up $500 a month for the roadtrip, so I know it’s a tangible goal. Leaving early would mean less time to save, however. . .

PRO I’m already flying to the mainland for my cousin’s wedding in June. I might as well stay, then take off for New York from there. It would save me one or two flights, which could have very well taken three months to save up for in the first place.

CON I’d have to leave my Hawaii friends and family sooner than I’d planned. 

PRO I’d get to start making New York friends sooner than I’d planned.

CON I’m not looking forward to East Coast humidity. I’ve been there before. It wasn’t pleasant.

PRO At the start of summer, students will be vacating apartments. Perfect time for me to slip in.

PRO At the start of summer, restaurants will be hiring more. That will make it even easier to transfer to the Times Square Bubba Gump’s.

PRO I can spend some leisurely time in California before heading off to New York. I will have the proper time to show Jenn around my neck of the woods and not have to squeeze in Bay Area sight-seeing before and after the wedding.

PRO WE WILL BE IN NEW YORK SOONER! (That one came straight from Jenn.)

. . .

You may have noticed I ran out of CONS. The final count is seven For, three Against. Lists don’t lie, so I guess you can expect Young Man Went East by summertime.

This is the view from my new back lanai (patio). Jenn and I both think it looks like Southeast Asia.


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Young Man Went West #32: And Then I Met Jenn

I had veered off my post-college life plan. What happened to that goal of moving to different cities purposefully without purpose? Teaching English in a foreign country is, by no means, a cop-out from an adventurous life; quite the opposite. That plan, however, was in lieu of another plan about which I was more passionate, yet had postponed because there existed no factor–apart from sheer desire–leading me there. In last week’s post, I had written, “If I have nothing leading me to New York, maybe I should let this idea [of teaching abroad] lead me to another country.”

Well, now I don’t have nothing.

I met Jenn shortly after coming back from my road trip. Despite having just been rehired at Bubba’s, and therefore being damn near broke, I took her out to a somewhat pricey wine and tapas restaurant. Fiscally, the date was a bad decision, but in the grand scheme of my life, it has been one of my best so far. The specifics of that first date will be doled out in gloriously embarrassing detail in next week’s post; what’s important right now was my discovery of two, eerie similarities between Jenn and me: 1) she not only had plans to teach English in Korea, but had already sent in her application; and 2) while waiting to hear back about Korea, she was looking into grad schools in New York. The grad school part was less of a reason and more of an excuse; she has been obsessed with the City for years.

When our relationship started, Jenn agreed to help me complete my teaching abroad application. However, the closer the two of us got, the less interesting Korea seemed. If some real, life-affirming experience was developing here, what was I trying to obtain out there? Teaching abroad was just a means to an end, something to do so I wouldn’t do nothing.

Well, now I don’t do nothing.

As I started having feelings for Jenn, my imaginative mind began crafting another plan: move to New York with Jenn. I wasn’t abandoning my new desired path. Instead, I was realigning with my actual desired path, this time with a reason in tow. I waited until I knew Jenn had similar feelings for me before springing upon her this idea. How quickly would I have scared her off if she didn’t?!

We’ve set the end of September as our target date for the big move. In the meantime, Jenn is helping me learn all about the camera I just bought. I am looking into grad school for Photojournalism in New York City.

Change #5: Apply to teach English in Korea, stay in Honolulu until I’m accepted, buy and learn to use a good camera in the meantime, use the teaching money to pay for grad school for photojournalism after I return –> Learn to use my camera well before moving to New York with my girlfriend, where I’ll apply to grad school for photojournalism

By the way, I never got around to applying for Korea.

My photography teacher has, by default, become my main photography subject. I was fiddling with exposure settings while she battled the wind for control of her hair.


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