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YMWW #2: The Crucible

Friday, September 18th, 2009

(Originally posted on Facebook)

Every new adventure has a preliminary challenge. Mine this time was called “layover.” In order to earn the cheap ticket price ($225. . . one-way, of course), I had to wait out eight hours in Seattle/Tacoma International Airport. I had never been to Seattle.

By my own standards, I still haven’t.

Those eight hours took place between approximately 12:15 AM and 8:15 AM. I was originally supposed to land at 12:50 AM but—oh joy—we landed early!. I had vowed not to leave the airport for the sake of saving money, but that additional half hour had me seeking out a taxi. Ultimately, I wised up and stayed (besides, it was nearly last call), trudging over to the only 24 hour business inside SeaTac: Starbucks. I was feeling fine about my responsible decision. . . until I learned there was NO FREE WIFI in SeaTac (which answers your question, Michael)! What the fug-nut?!?! SeaTac, how dare you call yourself an airport without offering your clientele the simplest way to pass their time!!!

So, after a few games of Minesweeper, I watched the digital copy of The Dark Knight (bless you, Batman). It was near four o’clock in the morning when I passed through security to my gate. For the next four hours, I read a book and mostly stayed awake. . . except for this one time I was resting my eyelids for what seemed like a few minutes, only to open them to a sun-filled airport. I had missed the sunrise, but luckily not my plane.

Ultimately, my eight hours in Seattle were not too shabby, but I owe it to myself to venture back and leave the airport next time. I heard it’s a beautiful place. Well, kinda. As my cousin Avery described it, quoting a friend of hers, living in Seattle “is like marrying a gorgeous woman, who is sick most of the time.”

Well, by that analogy, living in Hawai’i could be described as marrying a Roxy model whose natural beauty is emphasized by cover up (resort areas) that hide its scars (seedy, inland towns).

Ben thought it would be a good idea for me to add a new Roxy model photo to each blog entry.

I think Ben thought well.

TUNE IN NEXT TIME as I describe my adventures walking and driving around the island looking for a job and a place to live!


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