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Young Man Went West #28: Waiting

It has recently dawned on me that I do absolutely nothing outside of work.

No, that’s a lie: I’ve known for quite some time that I do nothing outside of work.  I go to bed late, wake up late, make food and watch movies until I ride off to my job.  Yeah, sometimes I motivate myself to go out and exercise, but lately when it hasn’t been too hot to run, it’s been raining.  (Valid excuse, right?)  I have a ton of fun at Bubba’s, interacting with tourists, shooting the breeze with friends, and feeling needed and productive for a quarter day.  On top of that, I walk away with a nice wad of cash.

Sounds great, right?  Maybe to you, but after a while, all that stuff up until I go to work gets old really fast.  My life has shifted from easy and laid-back to lazy and a little sad.  Every time I’m not waiting on tables, I’m waiting around until my next shift.

What about that second job you talked about getting in the last post? Yeah, I’ve only applied to Barnes & Noble.  They weren’t actively hiring, so my application is just on file.  Considering that most places hiring now are looking for holiday help, and I won’t be around for ten days out of December, I’m just gonna wait until January to look for a second job.

There’s that word again.  “Wait.”  I guess that’s what I feel I’m doing these days.  Waiting.  When you know something big is about to happen that’ll break your active, daily routine, it’s hard to motivate yourself to stay in that routine.  I have hit many lazy stretches; before my trip to Seattle, before going back to Cali in the summer, before Leslie came to visit this Thanksgiving, and now, before I go back to Cali for Christmas.  Only during the long weeks or months of routine do I actually go out and do something.

The thing is, as each day passes, the reality of my move out of Hawaii and cross-country road trip gets stronger.  Will that feeling of waiting stretch over these next five/six months?  I really hope not.  But even if it doesn’t–even if I scrounge up enough motivation to carpe every diem–what am I going to do?  Yeah, I can occupy myself by exercising more and writing more and reading more, but the reason, I’ve discovered, I don’t do those things often enough is that, frankly, I kinda get lonely.

So apparently that’s what all this wishy-washy rumbling has boiled down to: I think I’m just kinda lonely sometimes.  That’s why I enjoy work so much.  And that’s why, outside of work, I prefer movies and television and the Internet over exercising and reading and writing.  The former three give a sense of interaction.  It’s all so clear now.  Y’all just witnessed a self-analysis via blog.

When I get back from California, I gotta find me a sport.  Or a girlfriend.  Or both.

This Roxy model looks a little lonely, too.


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YMWW #15: Just Another Manic Thursday

Saturday, January 23, 2010

(Originally posted on Facebook)

Everybody has their ups and downs. Sometimes a good week is followed by a bad one; sometimes you ride a fortune roller-coaster in a single day. Thursday was one of the latter.

. . . However, I’m going to cheat and start with a point from Wednesday.


I got a missed call on my phone from an unknown number during work. Feeling no reservations about putting my current task on hold, I sneaked to the break room and listened to the voice mail. It was Marci from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. apologizing for not calling earlier and asking if I’d like to come in for an interview. I called her back right after work and said “Hells yeah!” Or something like that. . .


Thursday morning. Early morning. Try, 4:15 AM. . . and I was up. I was up over an hour-and-a-half before my alarm would go off because my street is a wind tunnel and some unusually strong gusts of wind were pounding on the garage door next to which I sleep. Streams of screeching air blasted through the cracks of the door, which itself was violently shaking near my eardrums. I attempted to move to the living room couch, but my roommate was already snoozing on it, having passed out watching Season One of How I Met Your Mother. I returned to my bed and somehow managed to fall back asleep. At least, for the next hour-and-a-half.


I finally got my first full paycheck in over a month! See, what happened was when I got my first paycheck, they accidentally gave me $600 more than I was supposed to get. When they realized their mistake—a whole two months later, sad day—they started taking increments of “prepaid” money out of my subsequent paychecks; $150 over four paychecks. The last one was a whole $12 because of the days I got off to go to California. But on Thursday I got my first full paycheck in over two months!


That paycheck, though, was supposed to come on Wednesday. But even with it now, I still don’t have enough to repay the money I owe people. Like, my landlord.


I had an interview at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. right after work. Ala Moana Shopping Center (future workplace) is roughly a 40 to 50 minute bike ride from Kahala Mall (my current workplace). Fortunately, my family said they could lend me a car to drive there after work. I got off at 4 PM. The interview was at 4:45. The drive is ten minutes. Sweet.


Not so sweet: my cousin was later than expected dropping off the car. Not too late, but just enough to increase my heart rate a bit. . . and take away the slack time I was going to use to prep myself for the interview in the parking lot. It’s cool, I though, I’ll just take the highway and avoid all the stop signs.


I head up the on-ramp with about 20 minutes until my interview and—


—hit rush-hour traffic. So determined to make it there on time, I forwent the one exit I knew would get me there because it would take too long. I shortly realized that I didn’t know what other exit I should take. Traffic + lost = late. . . unless I could do something about it!


I decided to risk breaking the new cell phone driving law and called my friend Brit. While she seems to always get lost when I’m in her car, she knows exactly where to go when I’m driving and she’s on the phone. She led me through a chill, back entrance approach and I parked in time to walk briskly to the restaurant, approaching the doors 60 seconds before my interview time.
“I’m here for an interview,” I said to the hostess.
“Please take a seat at the bar and a manager will be with you in one minute.”
So, I grabbed a stool and reveled in my ability (read: Brit’s ability) to get me there on time.
“Um, Anthony?” some asked from behind me.


I turned around to see not a manager, but a server. “Hi, um, all the managers are in a meeting right now, so they won’t be able to get to you soon. I don’t want you to wait all day, so can you come back tomorrow, between three and five?”
Shocked and confused, I nodded and hesitantly walked out of there.


Not letting my trip go to waste, I went into Longs Drugs to buy some essentials: toilet paper, toothpaste, maybe some food. I just got a paycheck, I thought, I should go grocery shopping! After about twenty minutes, I had a basket full of boxed cereal and canned goods. I strolled over to the checkout stand very satisfied. The clerk was about to scan a can of sliced peaches when a thought flashed across my mind:


My paycheck would not have cleared by now; I don’t have the money for this stuff!
I stopped the clerk before she scanned my peaches to let her know I had to return everything. Well, almost everything. I left Longs Drugs with a 12-pack of toilet paper and a tuna snack pack.


Still in a slight daze of confusion, I walked to the car, sat inside, and pulled out the tuna snack pack. $3.29 for a premixed can of tuna, a stack of crackers, a cup of diced peaces, and a cookie. A cookie! This was a complete meal for half of what I pay in the mall for lunch! A huge smile spread across my face. Despite having no money, no groceries, and no interview, I was still able to walk away with this little package of hope. I savored every bite, starting with the cookie to jump start my taste buds, continuing through the small but hearty can of tuna, cracker by cracker, and ending with a refreshing cup of peaches, its juices-in-concentrate cleansing my palate. I took a picture!

Look for it in the canned goods aisle of your local grocery store!


After dropping off my cousin’s car and fixing my bike with zip-ties (see below photo), I went to Coffee Talk to hang out with Brit while she “worked.” I love keeping her company at her work, mostly because I get free stuff; Thursday’s freebies were a coffee shake concoction and goat cheese sandwich. Juvana showed up and Brit and I had fun keeping her out of the loop of a previous conversation; it’s our new favorite game. It was a fun ending to a roller-coaster of a day.

The screw that holds the rear rack to my bike keeps falling out. Not surprised, I shouldn’t expect two tiny screws to support the weight of the rack, a crate, and my backpack. I actually trust these two zip-ties more.

And yes, I cut off the excess plastic.


Looking back, I think Thursday taught me that no matter what happens on any given day, you can always find something to balance it out, whether it be a well-deserved tuna snack pack or the company of good friends.

PS: When I realized that the server at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. must have mistaken me for someone just turning in an application, I called the restaurant back. The manager apologized, telling me that it was not my fault at all and that the servers “don’t know anything” sometimes. I have an interview with him on Monday, and he will be there. Guaranteed.

Later days!

You have your ups, you have your downs, but if there’s a Roxy model involved, there’s always something to smile about.

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YMWW #9: Humpday Rumblings

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

(Originally posted on Facebook)

I know! Crazy, right? Another note, only two days later?! Lately, when I find myself in a deep train of though, I begin to plan out how I’d structure it in a blog entry. This is either the start of a narcissistic obsession or a new career path. Anyway, here are my thoughts from today, (kinda) structured for you reading pleasure.

Last Friday, I attempted to take the bus to Bishop Museum because I found out that the cafe inside was hiring someone for food prep. I ended up missing my stop, riding to the end of the line, and giving up to go back home. Now, it wasn’t a big deal to give up on the job pursuit because, well, I already have one. But being a cook for Kikka Sushi in Whole Foods Market just ain’t doing it for me. Here’s my day, five days a week:

-Wake up before 6 AM
-Ride a bike 25 minutes up and down hills to Kahala Mall
-Turn on all the cooking apparatuses (shouldn’t it be “apparati”?)
-Cook rice. A lot of it.
-Prepare soup broths
-Grill meat
-Assemble over thirty different types of teriyaki, curry, and Korean BBQ rice bowls until lunch break
-Enjoy the act of sitting for almost an hour (or leave by noon on Fridays)
-Return to work and talk to the only other English-speaking employee at Kikka while figuring out how to be productive until 4 PM
-Ride home, sometimes after grabbing food and drinks with a friend
-Work out
-Shower, rinse, repeat. . . the whole day over and again

I work hard each day, only to start from the very beginning the next morning. There’s no real sense of accomplishment. And since, as a Kikka Sushi cook, I work in Whole Foods and not for it, I don’t get the discount. On top of that, I am void of much human interaction. My coworkers choose not to and nearly can’t speak English, so they never attempt to talk to me. And I can’t say “Tofu Kung Pao” to them without getting blank stares of incomprehension, so I don’t try either. I work under a giant grill fan with an even bigger noise output, behind a sound-reflecting wall of glass, so I cannot hear the customers on the other side. Even if I could, the mall is too far away from the main tourists spots to attract the world travelers that I oh-so want to talk to. Furthermore, I seldom have time for hanging out or exploring during the weekday, so I am apparently just waiting for the weekends. . . and I never wanted wait-for-the-weekend type job! Hence my failed trek to Bishop Museum.

Now, despite the paragraph of hate the preceded this one, I don’t actually hate each my job. It gives me lots of time to think, an excuse to exercise, and the opportunity to see some good friends. However, when I take a longterm view of what I’m doing, I feel stagnant. My work days aren’t monotonous (it’s a long, non-repetitive to-do list), but they definitely lack progression; I have nothing to strive for. My whole life, I’ve had a long-term goal (make it to the next grade, graduate high school, graduate college); at this point in my life, I have none. I’m just making money, hoping to plan something awesome for the weekend. In lieu of this, I’ve started coming up with goals for which to strive.

My first goal is not actually a goal, but rather an alternative means to my real first goal: find a job in Waikiki. Although this would be a shorter bike ride (and thus, not much of an exercise), I would be able to interact with people all around the world. I’d ideally love to get a front desk job at a hostel, because people who stay at hostels, as opposed to hotels, usually have more interesting stories.

My real first goal: save up enough for a cheap car. I will do this through Kikka or, hopefully, some Waikiki-based job. It will definitely take a while, but it would be well worth it. The traveling and exploring I want to do during the weekends is completely dependent on the schedules of my car-driving friends and family members. I’ve been on this island nearly two months and I’ve barely left the city of Honolulu. My bike can’t take me out of this city. A moped couldn’t do it either. I’m not asking for much, just four wheels and an engine. Maybe some doors.

My second goal: look into writing—or even journalism— classes. I don’t know to what extent I’d want to jump into this, whether it be a single class at Kapiolani Community College or enrolling in a Journalism program at UH, but the more I write in this blog, the more I realize I’d love to do this for a living. (Now, I do not regret for a second majoring in Film Studies. As a general rule, if I am enjoying my current position in life, I cannot regret a single event in the past, since each one had to happen for me to be where I am. More specifically, I loved the Film Studies major, as it taught me so much about my greatest interest. Additionally, I always kept in mind that whatever I did as an undergrad did not necessarily have to dictate my future career.) I can’t for the life of me start writing a story—and by extension, a screenplay—but I can easily spit out personal opinions, descriptions, or ideas about life experiences. Maybe I can be a journalist for National Geographic and travel the world! Or maybe I can be a film reviewer for a newspaper, seeing films for a living! I figure I’m young enough to dream big, yet old enough to do something about it.

Goal three: meet a gorgeous yet surprisingly down-to-Earth and intelligent Roxy model, start a fantastically fun and uncomplicated relationship with her, then, after I make a ton of cash as a Hawaiian journalist, move to New York with her because we both have a zest for life and new experiences. She’ll continue her modeling and novel-writing career while I start a new blog called “Young Man Went East.” Hey, it could happen 😉

She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s been waiting her whole life to run into me.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

(Originally posted on Facebook)

First of all, let me start off by quoting my good friend Josh Cella (as written on my Wall): go west young man / haven’t you been told / Hawai’i’s full of whiskey, women, and gold

(We’ll soon find out. . . )

Now, welcome to the Photo Issue of YMWW! Following is a collection of photos I took with my Samsung Propel (an affordable slide-open smart phone great for web browsing, messaging, and—obviously—photos) as I explored my new town.  Some photos I took just to send to my friend and make her jealous, while others I took because some things in life need to be photographed.  All, however, were taken with the intention of sharing with you (This blog is constantly in the back of my mind; I now mentally narrate my life as it happens.).

And here. . . we. . . go!

Waikiki Beach

I was aiming to take the most cliche, postcard-worthy photo of Waikiki Beach. I probably should have pointed my Samsung Propel slightly more to the left, but it’s still a nice representation of my ‘hood.

Lifeguard Tower Silhouette

This photo was one of the first I took to make my friend jealous. It turned out better and more postcard-worthy than I thought. Can’t you imagine “Aloha from Waikiki!” scrawled across the upper right portion?

My Workplace

Here is an exterior shot of my workplace: Whole Foods Market at Kahala Mall. Damn, I’ve been meaning to get a picture of me in my uniform. Next time.
Sidenote: Hot women who workout love shopping at Whole Foods.
Addendum: They also love bringing their boyfriends.


I have to wake up so early for work, I am able to watch the sunrise. Here is the morning sun peaking through some trees at Kaimuki Middle School on 18th Ave (from the spot at which I’m getting ready for a little more uphill trekking).


Interesting fact: this photo was taken on the same day as the previous photo. I’ve always been up to see the sunset, but now I get to see it settle behind the Pacific Ocean at Waikiki! Those silhouettes in the distance are cruise ships.

The Ocean. . . At Last!

At the time these photos were taken, I had been on the island for about two weeks. This was the first time I actually got around to touching the ocean! I was so determined to find a job (check) and a place to live (check) that I just put off the first thing every visitor does when the arrive. I hadn’t realized how much I loved the ocean until I walked in it again.


Walking down the main drag of Waikiki around sunset, it looked as though all the Aloha-shirt-wearing tourists became freelance tabloid photographers following around Kate Gosselin. I thought I’d be ironic and take a picture of people taking pictures. Here are two of the more professional photographers who actually had decent cameras and the balls to venture out from the sidewalk.

Matching Couple

This is one of those things you can’t help but take a photo of: a matching Japanese couple. His Aloha shirt and her dress seemed to have been made from the same fabric. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say they were tourists.

Tour Boat

I have to admit, I love tourists. It’s refreshing seeing people whose only aim for that day is to have fun. They also serve as a reminder to how awesome your city is. This is an hour-long tour boat docking on the beach. I should get me that job!

Tourist Market

Here is the entrance to the tourists’ natural habitat: rows of knickknack kiosks and cheap food. I love it! I had to go in!

Coconut Bras and Grass Skirts

These have to be the second most popular Hawaiian tourist purchase behind Aloha shirts. Wouldn’t it be great if the women here wore these all the time? Oh well, I’m fine with the workout outfits is see all the time.


I have no idea.

Dole Whip

Even though I was nowhere near the Dole Plantation, I still came across my most favorite frozen treat of all time: Dole Whip! You have no idea how happy I was to find this. It is better than heaven in your mouth. It is like heaven died and went up to its own heaven. It’s heaven’s heaven in your mouth.

Now Hiring

As you may know, Zippy’s is everywhere in Hawai’i. Everywhere. It’s a Hawaiian fast food restaurant more widespread here than McDonald’s (but a little less than Starbucks). . . and they’re hiring! I would have grabbed one of those tickets if I didn’t already have a job. But hey, if you’re jobless in California, come join me and become a member of the Zippy’s team! Do it.


I saw this stencil on the wall across the room of the sports bar where I watched the last Cal game (no comment on the game). If you can’t tell, the tree leaves resemble the shapes of the Hawaiian islands. I saw it and was immediately mesmerized. It was like one of those cliche love-at-first-sight moments where our eyes met across a crowded room, but instead of it being the woman of my dreams, it was this. Whatever. Baby steps. Anyway, it gave me a great idea for a tattoo: this design, but with the shape of California as the tree trunk. Maybe I’ll try to fashion roots to resemble my family name, or the shape of the Philippines. Maybe that’s too much. More on that later.

Anyway, I thought I could get away with letting the photos speak for themselves, but I ramble on too much for that to happen. Tell me if I need to edit down these blogs at all. Brevity is key, or so I’m told. In an effort to be ironic, I will NOT end the Photo Issue of YMWW with a Roxy model.

Just kidding. Screw irony.

This may be the same model from last time.

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YMWW #4: Settling In

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

(Originally posted on Facebook)

In my first entry, I talked about how I wasn’t really excited about the move until I got here. That was only part of the story. What I didn’t mention was that while excitement finally hit, apprehension didn’t completely dissolve. One week ago I had arrived, but I was not settled. I have the fortune of staying with family (more about that later), but until I get a job and a place, I’m still in Visitor Mode. I did not come to visit.

Wait, what was that, Anthony-From-Two-Days-Ago? You already got a job?

Yeah, that’s right, Recession, my friend Craigslist and I just joined forces and kicked your ass with a job at Whole Foods Market at Kahala Mall! I’m not sure what my position is called, but I work the Asian food section (Kikka Sushi) in the prepared foods bar in the back of the grocery store. While I don’t make the sushi, I do make everything else: teriyaki meats, Korean barbecue, Chicken Katsu Curry (!), and many other dishes you can throw over a bowl of rice. Oh, and I do soups.

It’s a lot of work with a billion different things to do—and a lot of recipes to learn—but it keeps me busy and brings me money. Believe it or not, I was almost getting tired of having no responsibilities. I couldn’t wander around aimlessly forever (though it is one of my favorite activities). And even though I am on my feet all day, I nearly burn or cut myself constantly, and I still can’t make Chicken Katsu Don, I am grateful that I have something to keep me occupied. Plus, I get to wear a sweet kimono/chef jacket hybrid.

The best part about it, though, is that I’m half of the way to being settled in, and I’m definitely not in Visitor Mode. Having this job has allowed me to look for places to live, and I have a few in mind (one of which expects me to move in on Friday, but I’m still keeping my eye on some other places). Along with getting here, learning how to navigate, finding transportation, and getting a job; finding a place to live is the last piece of the Settling In puzzle, and it’s nearly complete. But, as you all know, I didn’t do it alone.

This is the section where I’d like to thank my family in Hawai’i: my welcoming committee, my tour guides, my landlords, my cooks, my transportation providers, my friends, my security blanket. All rolled into one. I know I loved them and appreciated them already, but that realization hits with full force all the time here. For example, the Hawaii contingent of my family gets together every Sunday for tennis (or not) and dinner at Auntie Judy’s place and a few nights ago, I joined that tradition. And as I stood there playing pool in the backyard with one cousin, while another cousin barbecued steaks to one side of me, aunts and uncles played mahjong on the other, and numerous others were scattered about, it dawned on me how lucky I was to be a part of a tight-knit group in this wonderful place. I know of other people who tried out the “dream move” to Hawai’i, only to get lonely and leave. I’m glad that ain’t me.

So, to Auntie Norma, Uncle Carlos, Uncle Mario, Auntie Judy, Dean, Jill, Jon, Brad, Avery, Ellis, Arden, and Austen: thank you. For everything.

PS: Roxy model!

I know what you’re thinking, but she didn’t ruin that nice family moment. . .

. . . seeing as she’ll be a part of the family some day. What up!

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YMWW #2: The Crucible

Friday, September 18th, 2009

(Originally posted on Facebook)

Every new adventure has a preliminary challenge. Mine this time was called “layover.” In order to earn the cheap ticket price ($225. . . one-way, of course), I had to wait out eight hours in Seattle/Tacoma International Airport. I had never been to Seattle.

By my own standards, I still haven’t.

Those eight hours took place between approximately 12:15 AM and 8:15 AM. I was originally supposed to land at 12:50 AM but—oh joy—we landed early!. I had vowed not to leave the airport for the sake of saving money, but that additional half hour had me seeking out a taxi. Ultimately, I wised up and stayed (besides, it was nearly last call), trudging over to the only 24 hour business inside SeaTac: Starbucks. I was feeling fine about my responsible decision. . . until I learned there was NO FREE WIFI in SeaTac (which answers your question, Michael)! What the fug-nut?!?! SeaTac, how dare you call yourself an airport without offering your clientele the simplest way to pass their time!!!

So, after a few games of Minesweeper, I watched the digital copy of The Dark Knight (bless you, Batman). It was near four o’clock in the morning when I passed through security to my gate. For the next four hours, I read a book and mostly stayed awake. . . except for this one time I was resting my eyelids for what seemed like a few minutes, only to open them to a sun-filled airport. I had missed the sunrise, but luckily not my plane.

Ultimately, my eight hours in Seattle were not too shabby, but I owe it to myself to venture back and leave the airport next time. I heard it’s a beautiful place. Well, kinda. As my cousin Avery described it, quoting a friend of hers, living in Seattle “is like marrying a gorgeous woman, who is sick most of the time.”

Well, by that analogy, living in Hawai’i could be described as marrying a Roxy model whose natural beauty is emphasized by cover up (resort areas) that hide its scars (seedy, inland towns).

Ben thought it would be a good idea for me to add a new Roxy model photo to each blog entry.

I think Ben thought well.

TUNE IN NEXT TIME as I describe my adventures walking and driving around the island looking for a job and a place to live!

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YMWW #1: Why I Went

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

(Originally posted on Facebook)

Touchdown at Honolulu International Airport: Wednesday, 9/16, 11:40 AM. Local time.

You know what else happened at 11:40 AM? This all finally became real. Despite buying the tickets, packing my bags, and having good-bye dinners, my move to Hawai’i didn’t really sink in until that tightly-packed airplane hit the runway. “Moving to Hawai’i” had become an oft-repeated phrase, nothing more than an idea. When I finally felt the tropical air and saw the bright blue water, it had become tangible. I had arrived. . . and I was finally excited.

I was excited, and not for the prospect of beaches and Roxy models, but for the self-congratulatory thought that I had followed through with the life outlook I had been claiming to live by: don’t worry about securing the future, just live in and enjoy the present. By buying a one-way ticket and leaving without securing a job or a permanent residence, I’m really going against Society’s Set Plan for Success, which would be something along the lines of:

  1. succeed in school to get into a good college
  2. succeed in college to get a good career
  3. succeed in a career to make money
  4. use that money to enjoy life
But a life long enough for that plan is never guaranteed, so in the wise words of Ted Mosby via Barney Stinson: “Don’t postpone happiness.”

Admittedly, I do have a great security blanket in the form of family. I know that no matter how miserably I fail at finding a place to live and a means to pay for it, I will never be a homeless beach bum (unless that turns out to be my next big calling). But I don’t want to rely on them; I don’t want to crash forever and I’m sure they feel the same way.

So, as I write this, I’m on a mission, not a vacation. I’m enjoying the aimless manner in which I moved to Hawai’i, not necessarily Hawai’i itself. The beaches and Roxy models can wait (but not for long).

Hold tight, baby. I’m coming.

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