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YMWW #3: Adventures with Avery

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

(Originally posted on Facebook)

First and foremost, I want to apologize to all of the readers who desperately refreshed their browsers all night long last night, awaiting the publication of the entry that should have been up then. Should you exist, I implore you to find something better to read. I hear books are fun.

Secondly, I want to apologize to my (first) cousin (once removed) Avery, who knew that she’d be the focal point of this entry and has been waiting to read about herself.


On Thursday, Ave and I spent all day on foot, which is a wonderful way to learn street names and their locations. We walked through Chinatown to Downtown. She was looking for Ward Center (shops, restaurants, and a pseudo-mall), but we never quite hit it. We found out later we were nearly there, but neither of us knew that. . . though she should have. Avery is, what we shall call, “directionally challenged.” I warned her that if she got us lost, her punishment would be walking around with my Frommer’s Guidebook of O’ahu in her outstretched arms (I, of course, would keep at least five steps away from her). Luckily for her, we were never completely lost. Even better, we wound up eating chicken katsu curry at Aloha Tower. Chicken katsu curry makes everything alright!

CHICKEN KATSU CURRY out of its element, i.e. a Styrofoam to-go box.

We eventually ventured out again and found Ward Center. It’s a nice area. Apparently, the self-serve frozen yogurt trend is not confined to California, much to my pleasure.


Friday was even more productive, as Avery and I had full use of a car. My impeccable sense of direction was countered by my misguided trust in her as a knowledgeable local. Example dialogue:

  • Me: Do I turn here? Isn’t this Kapahulu?
  • Avery: No, keep going.
  • We keep going.

  • Avery: Oh, we’re on Harding now.
  • Me: So I should have turned there?
  • Avery: Yeah.

Good thing we had an O’ahu street map book on hand. Though she is still adamant about not picking up the Frommer’s, Avery will gladly use the street map book, and I’m glad that she’ll gladly use it.

Our goal for that day was to visit the two places I found on Craigslist that were hiring. We found Gulick’s Deli (offers full and part time, plus medical benefits) but they were out of applications so I’ll have to return. Our next stop was Karaoke Hut (part time only, but pay includes tips. . . and it’s karaoke!), but they had just hired three people. We had to drop something off at a hotel in Waikiki, so I decided to continue my search there. . .

But not before some shave ice, of course! Frommer’s describes shave ice as the Hawai’ian version of a snow cone, but it ain’t the same thing! It ain’t even the same ball park! I guess you could make that argument if you believed fish sticks and fillet mignon were in the same ball park. For shame, Frommer’s. For shame!

SHAVE ICE does not equal a crunchy ice ball that holds flavored syrup like a fork.

We ditched the main road and hotels of Waikiki and found the janky backroads. I was in my element. There, behind the washed windows and even pavement of the beachfront buildings were the small, overlooked hotels and hostels I loved. I filled out an application for one place and was told to return to two others. The future looks bright. . . at least figuratively. Those streets are constantly cloaked in shadows.

Our final goal was to meet up with a guy who advertised needing a roommate to share his one-bedroom apartment. While the place was definitely small, the guy, Ka’imi, was really awesome and friendly. He said no one else called him back, so the place is mine if I want it. I have until around the first week of October to decide if I want it. Though it would be a tight squeeze, it is definitely not a bad last resort.

My cousin Norlynn’s idea of what my last housing resort might be.


Just like every good Saturday in the Fall, this one started off (early) with college football. I woke up around 6 AM to watch my No. 8 Golden Bears claim a road victory over Minnesota! They are now sitting pretty at No. 6. I then flipped back and forth between Oregon’s mediocre upset over No. 18 Utah and Washington’s historical upset over No. 3 U$C! I was so torn between the joy of watching U$C lose and the disappointment in the fact it wasn’t us who beat them. Oh well, beating U$C in any capacity will be a great thing to see (knock on wood).

After college football, it was time for more exploring. I had the car once again on Saturday, but I was without Avery. Despite her endangering lack of a sense of direction, she is a bright and funny person. And she buys me frozen treats. With no refreshing snack to cool my body, I ventured forth a Dynamic Uno.

My first stop was the Pearlridge Shopping Center just down the street from my Auntie and Uncle’s place (where I’ve been living since I got here). It is a small mall, but they do have a Suncoast and a great bookstore with cheap, used books and DVDs. I foresee it becoming a black hole for my money. Surprisingly, though, the only thing I bought was a black UH hat from Champs Sports.

After Pearlridge, I just drove up and down and on and off of H1 (the main freeway), getting lost half-intentionally. My goal was not a location, but a lesson. I am quite familiar with all the exits now and can drive on my own to all of my family’s houses.

Saturday night ended with front row seats to the UH Rainbow Wahine Women’s Volleyball match versus the Pepperdine Waves. Clean sweep, 3-0. Go Bows! I’ve compared my fan-dom of Cal and UH to relationships: Cal is my true love, my soul mate for all eternity. UH, on the other hand, is my mistress. We have a fun time together, but it’s nothing serious. Don’t worry though, Cal and I have an understanding, open relationship.

So, as Saturday night ended with long legs and spandex shorts, so will this note. Cheers!

Ben, I’d apologize for substituting the Roxy model for these volleyball players, but I didn’t think you’d mind.

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